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Fleet Services

FLEET SERVICE PROGRAM   Our Fleet business customers get the highest priority to keep them on the road.

JASPER® Differentials

DIFFERENTIAL REPLACEMENTWe install JASPER® Differentials which are completely remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications with a 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE nationwide parts & labor warranty remanufactured rear axle assemblies and differentials because every one of them goes through our extensive "Do It Right" process that ensures worry-free operation which is why we choose JASPER® Differentials every time here at our shop!

Services & Warranties

Why service your vehicle?

Second to our brain & body, the most important tool in our lives is our Vehicle. It is vital to our daily lives to keep our vehicle running in optimal condition. Without our vehicle, it would be difficult to get to work, school or any other place that life brings us. True Blue Auto Care is your priemere resource to keep you car maintained. We specialize in auto repair and maintenance serivices as well as all pertinant services to repair you broken vehicle. See below for some of our services.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance. Manufacturers recommend specific services at precise mileage intervals. Recommendations vary by manufacturer & may include services related to timing belt replacement, brakes, suspension and inspections. We can help you determine & perform your manufacturers recommendations.

Brakes. Stopping your vehicle could well be the most important functionality of your vehicle. We take pride in being braking experts. When it comes to noises, vibrations, shutters, soft brake pedal and brake lights, our brake experts can help.

Suspension/Alignment. Misaligned or worn suspension parts can lead to premature tire wear and poor drivability. If your car veers or pull when you let go of the steering wheel, it could be related to suspension components. We can diagnose & repair ball joints, tie rod's, wheel bearings and any other issues related to your suspension.

Engine Coolant System. Does your car overheat, or is there a puddle under you car? Chances are, something is going on with the engine cooling system, maybe even internal engine issues. We can diagnose and repair any issues related to the engine cooling system. We are also able to perform coolant system services to maintain optimal operation of cooling systems.

Transmission Service. Transmission fluid service is vital to an optimal shifting transmission. Like engine oil, transmission oil is serviced at regular intervals. Call us today to perform a transmission service to ensure the longevity of your transmission.

Power Steering Service. The steering fluid is one of the most neglected fluids on a car. Like engine oil, power steering fluid gets dirty and breaks down causing deposits and could lead to steering gear damage, power steering pump leaks and other issues related to power steering. Servicing your power steering fluid is essential in maintaining your vehicle.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics. If you check engine light is on, the car is trying to tell you that something is wrong. Sometimes you will experience the symptoms of the light when you drive, don't wait until the symptoms leave you stranded. Our state of the art equipment & expertise will help you get answers.

Need a ride home? We are happy to take you home or get you a ride...

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jasper logo associate ownedJASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS INSTALLER   We proudly recommend JASPER who has been the industry leader since 1942 for our vehicle engine, transmission & differential repairs. Why JASPER?

1. PROVEN, Industry leader since 1942 with engines and transmissions throughout the USA.  Pioneering 75 years of leadership in the automotive remanufacturing industry.
2. QUALITY,  JASPER remanufactured products exceed factory specifications and improve OEM inherent design flaws with updated parts and precise machining.  
3. TESTED, Live run computer assisted testing to assure trouble free performance and peace of mind for the automotive customer who depends on it.  



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