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Second to our brain & body, the most important tool in our lives is our vehicle. It is vital to our daily lives to keep our vehicle running in optimal condition. Without our vehicle, it would be difficult to get to work, school or any other place that life brings us. True Blue Auto Care is your premier resource to keep your car maintained. We specialize in auto repair and maintenance services as well as all pertinent services to repair your broken vehicle. See below for some of our services.

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“Always the best service. If you have a client with a 4×4 vehicle that would like to trade for a near-perfect MX-5, 1999 Miata, I could give you a finder’s fee. Ron has my number. Thank you.

“This is the only place I take my vehicles. This is the only place I trust. Always satisfied with their work. – Monica O. (recommended on Facebook)

“This is the first mechanic where I felt like they weren’t trying to make money off of me. It is well worth the 30 minutes out of my way. – Kolby H. (5 star review on Yelp)

“I drove in from Colorado to help my parents move. During my stay in the area my Ford Edge started to hesitate. The staff at True Blue diagnosed the problem as a faulty coil. This required taking off the intake manifold to replace. They were busy but understood the urgency of my work and were able to fit the work in by working late on it. Vehicle made the trip back with a heavily loaded trailer with no issues. I would recommend this location for any work you need. Professional staff and fantastic service. – Erik W. (5 star review on Google)”

“These guys rock! Brought my truck in mid day in rush to leave on a trip the next day. They penciled me in and put in some overtime to get me ready for my trip the next day. Very professional and courteous. Good group of dudes!! “

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Battery & Electric

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Brake Service

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Engine Service

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Hybrid Vehicles

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